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The Retreat strives to promote the best customer service, by creating a unique experience individually tailored by each client's preference.

Meet Our Owners!

Lyndsi Donahue


Question: What are your 2 favorite quotes?

Answer: "Moms making a difference" and "Adversity is opportunity in disguise".

Question: What is your idea of a great Friday night?

Answer: Depends on the mood. It's either binge watching a new TV series with my hubby, or bustin' a move to my favorite hip-hop jam!

Question: What are your favorite pair of shoes?

Answer: All of them! But my most fun are my metallic gold, light up, velcro, high tops!


Jenna davis

Owner-Southern Style Sweets

Question: What is your go-to karaoke song?

Answer: Keysha Cole, Let it go!

Question: It's Friday night and you're alone at home. What's on TV?

Answer: DDD! (Diners, Drive-in's & Dives).


angela green


Question: What is your greatest creative influence?

Answer: Books

Question: Do you prefer your hair up or down?

Answer: UP!


Ashley Jones


Question: If you could pack your bags and run off, where would you go?

Answer: MALDIVES....paradise! Sun, Sand and Water!

Question: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Answer: Chocolate peanut butter.


Southern Style Sweets

"Born and raised in South Texas, my Southern Style Sweets are baked with Southern Style love. It's about taking a bite of something so delicious, you drift away to another place. I look forward to tantalizing tastebuds and filling tummies with a variety of tasty treats. My southern style is sweet. I bake. You eat."

-Jenna Davis, owner of Southern Style Sweets. Located at the Retreat.